Manufacturers of fine woods burls and veneers since 1947


Trasfor is an Italian company situated in Meda (MB) with a long history of tradition and excellence. For more than 70 years we have been involved in the production of burls and in the research and selection of fine woods.
Since 1947 three generations have dedicated themselves to this business with passion and care. Our business was born from the expertise and dedication of Renzo Sforza. From generation to generation we perfected our competencies to bring innovation and continuous improvements to our business.
Now, the expertise acquired over years of work and experience on national and international markets has been brought to the service of our renowned clientele, with a quality selection of skilfully manufactured products.


Trasfor is involved in the supply and manufacture of fine woods. We cooperate with the best artisans and manufacturers who take care of our precious woods to offer our clients high quality products that fulfill their needs.
From the logs supply to the manufacture of burls and veneers, we are involved in all the steps of the productive chain. Our main woods are California Walnut Burl, Bird’s Eye Maple, Curly Maple, Italian Olivewood, Madrone Burl and Redwood Burl.
Our selection includes other fine woods such as Amboyna Burl, Mappa Burl, East Indian Rosewood, Black Walnut and other Burls and Veneers carefully selected for our clients. Discover our offer of fine burls and veneers in the section OUR WOODS.


Manufacturing of burls and fine woods for the Automotive Interior Design sector. Our woods are used in car interiors and in the upholstery of steering wheels, doors and instrument panels. The service also includes custom cutting and prototyping of special trims for car interiors, such as steering wheels, instrument panels and doors. We provide our customers with ready to use Automotive layons.


Manufacturing of burls and fine woods that enhance the elegance of Interior Design applications. We offer burls and veneers used in luxury furnishings, walls, panels, flooring and doors. We manufacture high-end semi-finished products ready to use. We can supply a great quantity of woods to fit private Interior Design, Retail and Hotellerie Design projects.


Manufacturing of burls and fine woods for the Yacht & Aircraft Interior Design sectors. Our burls and veneers enhance the refinement of interiors and furnishings of luxury Yachts and Aircrafts. We manufacture veneer panels that conform to the harsh and changeable conditions of the nautical and aircraft sectors.